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About Oracle Farms Limited

This is the leading farm in Benue state located at Km5 Naka road with a branch at Guma LGA all in Benue state. The farm is widely known for cultivation of crops and rearing of animals in large quantity which include yam farm, cassava farm, rice farm, millet, guinea corn farm, maize farm, vegetable farms, orange farm, water melon farm, poultry farm which contain broiler chickens, cockerels, quails and layers, snail farm, fish farm, grass cutter farm, cattle and pig farm. Presently, we produce and distribute raw eggs with an intention of starting a hatchery soon and also sell dried fish. All the products are distributed at affordable cost at customer’s door step.

Our products

The following Products are available under Oracle Farms Limited.

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Cows, Pigs, Fishes, Chicken, Goats etc..

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Animal Feeds

Fish Feeds, Chicken Feeds etc..

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Mills (Food)

Rice, Corn Flour, Yam Flour, Garri etc..